St Ives Park Public School

A perfect balance between work and play

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Vision and Values

Our vision and values statement.

Our vision

To inspire and nurture successful lifelong learners.

Our mission

To ensure that educational programs at St Ives Park Public School enable students to become:

• Successful lifelong learners

• Confident and creative individuals

• Active and informed citizens of the 21st Century.

Our values

St Ives Park Public School :

  • all our students have the ability and need to learn
  • each child must be valued and recognised as an individual
  • our students and staff have the right to a safe, happy, caring and stimulating learning and teaching environment
  • quality education is imperative for all our students
  • diversity strengthens our school and should be respected
  • our school prospers when people work together and support each other
  • informed participation from our community towards our shared values and long term goals is crucial.